100 Vlogs | Day2Day

Challenged myself to create 100 daily vlog uploads of my day to day activities. Some were basic, some were more interesting. Increased my skills and gear and had a great time! Inspires me to create more!

The Frist Vlogg full of mistakes

And my 100th Vlog!!

Some vlogs were a bit of fun and playing with gear and trying stuff I would not necessarily just jump at, but since hiring a bike would make for some good vlogging it spured me on! 

Vlogging the VFX day by chance I won a weeks training at Escape in 360 VR!!! So that was absolutely out of the blue and completely unplanned. Was very stoked by the opportunity. :)

The range and scope 360 VR was facinating and really enjoyed the course. The performace was interesting by the dancers and they too were interested in how 360 VR allowed their full performace to be be viewed at the viewers discresion. During the VR Week I had a strange coincdence happen where I saw another vlogger whilst I was out shooting some footage
for another project.

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